Top (FB) Facebook Virus Attacks 2018?

Top (FB) Facebook Virus Attacks 2018?

  • The Spam Post
  • Messenger Phishing Attempt
  • Ad Redirects
  • Malicious and Fake Apps
  • Infected Images
  • Impersonating Profiles
  • Virus Tags
  • Counterfeit Facebook Browser Extensions
  • Facebook Notification Virus
  • In-Video Virus Scripts

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facebook games room not working

Facebook games room not working Call 1800-307-9891 Facebook.com

Facebook (FB) Gaming @+1800~307~9891**

Hello friends welcome to my blog in this block I I’m going to show you how to fix a ball pool is experience issue to connect with Facebook in 8 Ball Pool

• go to your Facebook
• in Facebook go to menu
• After that Go to Account Settings
• in account setting go to apps
• In Apps to go logged in with facebook option
• In logged in with facebook Go to 8 ball pool game
• After that scroll down and click on remove the app
• After that click on remove the app
• After that Go to your 8 Ball Pool and again try to login with Facebook after that you will be successful to login with facebook

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~What to do if your Facebook ad payment failed (100% Working)

What to do if your Facebook ad payment failed (100% Working)

On the off chance that you are on Facebook and are keen on following changes to your blog from advertisements or post helps, you will need to introduce the Facebook Pixel. On the off chance that you have never known about the Facebook Pixel, you can read the speedy rundown straightforwardly from Facebook clarifying how it functions.

The issue is that the code they create for clients DOES NOT WORK specifically on Blogger.Introducing the Facebook Pixel Tracking Code will give you a blunder that won’t all you to spare the code in your layout. Fortunately there is a work around that will change over the code to something more Blogger well disposed.

Instructions to Install The Facebook Pixel into a Blogger Blog

Stage 1: Create Facebook Pixel Base Code

Sign into your Facebook Ads Manager and select Pixel starting from the drop menu

Tap on “Set Up Pixel” in the upper left

Making Facebook Pixel for Blogger

In the event that you don’t have a pixel as of now, your screen may look somewhat changed, yet despite everything you select “Set up Pixel”: How to set up facebook pixel

Pick “Reorder the Code” as the strategy for establishment from the fly up window.

Reorder code for facebook pixel

Stage 2: Convert Base Code to make it Blogger Friendly

Select the whole code (found in area 1.2) and glue it into the transformation box found HERE.

(Open this page in another window since we should return to you Facebook Ad Manager somewhat later)

Tap on Convert. Your code will look clever since all the javascript will be secured into a more ‘meaningful’ XML organize for blogger. In any case, that is alright. That is the thing that we need!

Stage 3: Insert Base Code into your Blogger Template

Duplicate the changed over code and open your subject HTML Dashboard >> Theme >> Edit HTML

(In the event that you haven’t sponsored up your layout.. presently is the point at which you need to do it! Before you glue in anything new!)

Snap INSIDE the html window and press Command-F (for “Find”)

In the upper right corner a pursuit box ought to show up. Sort in </head>

At the point when that is featured in your format, glue the changed over code instantly BEFORE it.

Adding Facebook base code to Blogger layout

You can hit “Spare Theme” now. You shouldn’t get a blunder in the event that you have embedded it effectively.

Stage 4: Generate Event Code

We currently need to return to the Facebook Pixel generator and select what parameter we really need to track utilizing an Event Code. Snap “Next” and Step 2 (Install Event Code) will show up.

There are a great deal of occasion triggers you can track. The default is “look” which tracks when individuals utilize the hunt page. I needed to simply track ever single site hit, so I picked “View Content”

Stage 5: Insert Event Code into your Blogger Template

Duplicate the code in that crate and introduce it on the page (or on the off chance that you need it to track on each page) in the layout where you need it to track. Glue it quickly AFTER the </head> segment in your format.

So your last code will resemble this:

Adding Facebook code to Blogger format

There are a considerable measure of different choices for code position and the Facebook Pixel establishment device is incredible at disclosing where and what to introduce for those different choices.

Stage 6: Confirm your Pixel is Installed Correctly

It can take up to 20 minutes for your pixel to start working. On the off chance that you have it introduced effectively, Facebook ought to notifiy you when it is dynamic.

Fruitful pixel establishment

In the event that you mind the Pixel following page and it says “No data yet” it might imply that something isn’t working. Else, you should begin to see Pixel fires when your site gets activity.

Facebook Pixel Tracking information

Presently you are ready!

There is a considerable measure of data you can gather through that pixel that can help with promotion and group of onlookers focusing on, anyway that is past the extent of this instructional exercise. I simply needed to get your pixel up and running on Blogger!


Facebook Password Recover

Facebook Password Recover Tech Support Number +1800-307-9891 (Toll-Free)*

Facebook clients may lost their watchword or they need to realize that how to reset Facebook secret key so this blog will give you the direction to reset facebook secret key . What’s more, Facebook watchword recuperation number will likewise assist you with fixing your issue. Facebook is an interpersonal interaction sites which enables client to post comments,share pictures and videos,link to news or different substance ,live visit thus on.This is where you can advance your business and can share the connection of your sites so that ,any client can get to this link.With the assistance of facebook,user can share content freely or it very well may be shared just in a particular gathering or with a solitary person.Except facebook there are such a significant number of different sites are accessible, for example, Myspace,Hi5 et cetera yet facebook is more typical and utilized by a large number of client in everywhere throughout the world.

You need to open your facebook account page.
• Here click on the sign in option then enter your user name and password.
• If you have forgotten your facebook account password then click on the forgot password link.
• Here you will have to type your email id ,phone number and full name wich is associated with your facebook account.
• After that click on the search option.
• Now you will have to follow the on screen instruction.
• You are required to open your email id ,you will get a link on that email id.
• Then click on the link and you will be move to the facebook recovery page.
• Here you need to enter the new password then again enter the password for confirmation.
• After that click on the continue option.
• Then your account will be open.
• Now you need to go to the settings option and change the privacy setting so that,no one can access your account.

Facebook Password Recovery Customer Service Number

However,facebook gives so much subjective component yet it doesn’t mean ,it is free from errors.When you utilize Facebook at that point there may be probability that you may overlook the secret key of your Facebook account.To get to your account,you need to recoup your password.If you don’t know how to recuperate the facebook watchword then you should take help from facebook specialized support.Facebook gives very experienced or qualified expert to settle every one of the issues identified with it.Facebook clients can likewise contact to the Facebook secret word recuperation number to recoup their secret word under the direction of professionals.

Simple Steps to do Facebook password recovery Service & Support 2018

• First of all,you need to open your facebook account by going to the official websites of facebook.
• Here you need to click on the sign in option.
• Now you need to enter your email id.
• If you do not remember your password then you are required to click on the forgot password link.
• You will have to fill out the form to identify your account.
• Here you will have to select “I forgot my account” on the next page if induced.
• You will see the list of email address ,if you do not have access to any of these then click on the “no longer have access to these”.
• You will have to follow the onscreen instructions.
• Here you need to enter your alternate email id which is associated to facebook account.
• Now you need to open the email id and you will get a link from facebook team,you need to click on the link.
• After clicking on the link ,you will be move to the facebook account page,here you need to create new password then again enter this password for confirmation.
• After that click on the submit button.
• Then your facebook account will be open.
• Here you can change your account password as well ,if you want to change it ,by going to the security option.
• If you have entered any mobile number at the time of account creation then you will have to enter this number.
• You will get a verification code on that number,you need to note down that number,after that go to the facebook page ,here you will have to enter this code.
• Thereafter,you account will be open.
• You are required to answer some security question .
• Too prove that you are not robot ,you will have to enter the captcha then your account will be open and you can use it in a proper way.
If you face any issue for Facebook password reset then you need to take assistance from Facebook support team Just Dial Our Facebook Toll Free Phone Number +1800-307-9891.

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Latest Facebook News


A Facebook executive has issued a sinister warning to media companies that don’t cooperate with the social network, telling them their “dying business” will end up in a hospice.

Campbell Brown, a former CNN anchor who now works as Facebook’s head of news, told Australian news executives that Facebook will help them “revitalise journalism”, before adding, “the reverse looks like I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a hospice.”

Ms Brown also said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “doesn’t care about publishers but us giving me a lot of leeway and concessions to make these changes.” Facebook has denied the comments.

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you
Lock your profile down
Limit old posts
Make yourself harder to find
Control access to your Timeline

The comments, first reported by The Australian, came from an off-the-record meeting on Tuesday in Sydney, with five attendees have corroborated the comments. Ms Brown personally denied the comments and the social network has claimed to have a transcript of the four-hour meeting but it is yet to release it and did not immediately respond to a request to see it.

“These quotes are simply not accurate and don’t reflect the discussion we had in the meeting,” Ms Brown said in a statement.

“We know there’s much more to do, but our goal at Facebook – what the team works on every day with publishers and reporters around the world – is to help journalism succeed and thrive, both on our platform and off.”

A Facebook spokesperson added: “These comments are inaccurate and have been taken out of context. We are disappointed that our attempt to engage in open and constructive dialogue with publishers has been misconstrued in this way.”

Campbell Brown in 2008 during her time at CNN (AP)
Facebook has had a fractured relationship with media organisations in recent months, most notably when the social network threatened to sue the Guardian Media Group ahead of the publication printing revelations from a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower.

Ms Brown subsequently said it was “not our wisest move,” adding: “If it were me I would have probably not threatened to sue the Guardian.”

Media organisations have also been affected by Facebook’s decision to promote posts by users’ friends and family members over news, which has caused some outlets to lose significant amounts of traffic to their online platforms.

“We are not interested in talking to you about your traffic and referrals anymore. That is the old world and there is no going back – Mark wouldn’t agree to this,” Ms Brown said during the Tuesday meeting.

Sources Link – https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/facebook-news-campbell-brown-journalism-media-mark-zuckerberg-a8490791.html


Facebook: Latest News, Photos, Videos on Facebook

Facebook: Latest News, Photos, Videos on Facebook

Facebook and Twitter Come to Terms With Their Importance in Politics

The Senate Intelligence Committee hearings proved to be a bit of a blow hot and blow cold sort of an affair. The expectation among the Members of the Congress was that Facebook, Twitter and Google would turn up to testify at the “Foreign Influence Operations and Their Use of Social Media Platforms” hearing in Capitol Hill. What happened instead was the Facebook and Twitter showed up, whereas Google sat back and decided to not attend. That didn’t please the lawmakers, who instead made sure of that representation with an empty chair.

“I’m disappointed Google decided against sending the right senior level executive,” said Sen. Richard Burr (Rep-N.C.). “There’s an empty chair next to you from Google and they’re not here today, and maybe it’s because they’re arrogant,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). After declining any potential appearances by Alphabet Inc. CEO Larry Page and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the company had offered to instead send its chief legal officer, Kent Walker. However, the committee declined. Perhaps, the entire idea was to hear from senior leadership at the tech companies who are making the decisions.


Once chastising Google for its non-appearance was done with, matters moved on to Facebook and Twitter. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Inc.’s billionaire chief operating officer, and Jack Dorsey, Twitter Inc.’s chief executive appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Both companies tried to put their best foot forward, to perhaps soften the perception that Silicon Valley is unable to control the spread of hate speech online, data privacy breaches and online efforts by various parties to alter the political scenario of another country.

Twitter’s Dorsey said that the company’s objective was to “We want to be a global town square, where people from around the world come together in an open and free exchange of ideas.” He mentioned that Twitter recently developed and launched more than 30 policy and product changes designed to foster information integrity and protect the people who use our service from abuse and malicious automation. Twitter has made a number of improvements specifically in preparation the 2018 election. This includes further development of detection tools that identify suspicious account activity, such as exceptionally high-volume Tweeting with the same hashtag or mentioning the same “@handle” without a reply from the account being addressed, the creation of an internal cross-functional analytical team whose mission is to monitor site and platform integrity and a political conversations dashboard which will identify sudden shifts in sentiment around a specific conversation, suggesting a potential coordinated campaign of activity, as well as information about groups of potentially linked accounts that are posting about the same topic. Dorsey did admit that platform’s application of rules has been inconsistent off late, and said, “I believe if you went through our rules today and sat down with a cup of coffee, you wouldn’t be able to understand them.” That was perhaps an admittance that Twitter was many be underprepared or didn’t expect the misinformation campaign to become this powerful on the platform. Dorsey however said that the platform was automatically preventing around 500,000 bot accounts from logging in every day.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg echoed similar sentiments. We were too slow to spot this and too slow to act. That is on us,” she said on the issue of the platform being used by entities to interfere with the US elections. However, she did add, “We’re getting better at finding and stopping our opponents.” Sandberg also mentioned that Facebook has implemented a mix of automated systems and human moderators who are reviewing ads on the platform, which is very important for political advertising. She however did say, “We have more than doubled the number of people working on safety and security and now have over 20,000. We review reports in over 50 languages, 24 hours a day. Better machine learning technology and artificial intelligence have also enabled us to be much more proactive in identifying abuse.” Facebook has disabled 1.27 billion fake accounts between October 2017 and March 2018 and removed 836 million pieces of spam in the first quarter of 2018

Twitter shares fell 6 percent after Dorsey testified, while Facebook shares declined 2.3 percent.

This has been a rather tough summer for Google. In July, the European Union asked the company to pay a $5 billion fine for anti-trust abuse of its Android operating system for smartphones. Last month, Google faced criticism, including from its own employees, after plans that it was potentially working on a search app for China to deliver censored search results, came to light. The company has also faced criticism from US President Donald Trump, who has accused Google of altering search results. Perhaps those could have been uncomfortable questions for Google, at the hearing.

Source link- https://www.news18.com


~How to reset facebook password without email or phone

Facebook Ltd.

Facebook customer service number
Toll-Free Number +1800-307-9891

About Facebook USA,UK,Canada

Facebook is the worldwide informal organisation in the entire world . Today is most famous online networking on Facebook, Which is utilised a large number of individuals day by day bases for any reason. These give the numerous most recent highlights in the internet based life it’s quick and developing stage in informal organisations.These the best most recent component like picture refresh or share post, recordings and talking and so forth. It’s availability of more individuals each other. It persistently
changes and develops with a specific end goal to adjust to its client’s needs and
worldwide innovative advancements.

Day by day bases Zuckerberg may not be your favoured morning read and include the most recent highlights the Facebook the most recent couple of weeks. In the event that you confront any issue with respect to Facebook then it will be contact the Facebook client administration to get encourage a particular issue.

Over a framework wide blunder that eradicated installment techniques on an undisclosed number of promotion accounts, this week Facebook announced extra mistakes with their advertisement detailing measurements. This isn’t the first run through Facebook has announced erred advertisement measurements. In September 2016, Facebook revealed issues with their video details. Over this, Facebook additionally as of late anticipated that advertisement income would smooth amidst 2018. Facebook Customer Service Number

Facebook is not running in my laptop
My profile has been hacked
Someone else is using my FB profile
Cannot login with the right password
Having issues in recovery of my old account
Unable to disable my FB account
Unable to recover my deleted account
The profile is not showing pictures or a particular picture
An increase in ad prices
New ad formats
Improving ads
Increasing ad spend outside of North America
Opening up another Facebook family app like Instagram