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Facebook games room not working Call 1800-307-9891 Facebook.com

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Hello friends welcome to my blog in this block I I’m going to show you how to fix a ball pool is experience issue to connect with Facebook in 8 Ball Pool

• go to your Facebook
• in Facebook go to menu
• After that Go to Account Settings
• in account setting go to apps
• In Apps to go logged in with facebook option
• In logged in with facebook Go to 8 ball pool game
• After that scroll down and click on remove the app
• After that click on remove the app
• After that Go to your 8 Ball Pool and again try to login with Facebook after that you will be successful to login with facebook

Facebook Criminal case game: How to fix the Technical issues?
• When we are playing Criminal case game on Facebook, we may face some issues that are caused by the game application but note that not all the issues are caused by Criminal case game itselfYou completed level without promoted) and are related to your PC/Device, your Java, system configuration, Internet connection, software, malware or spyware on your computer and online www.Facebook.com. (www.fb.com).
Issues may be:• Game Freeze.
• Loading is very slow.
• Graphics problems.
• Error in Accepting(Messages, energy or Cards).
• Levels are completed without promoted.
• Levels are completed and you can’t share chips.
• Levels are completed and you can’t share juice.
• Error in Collecting rewards.
• You bought staff but it doesn’t appear in your store.
• You bought new dog and you can’t find it.
• You claimed an energy item (Chips – juice – free complete meal) and your energy bar didn’t recharged.
• You can’t login the Criminal case game.
• Error in loading.
• Error ask report.
• Error ask for energy.

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